“ Hecho a Mano ”
An Exhibition of Modern Pottery Made by The Artisans of Guaitil, San Vincent Costa Rica

Building a Value Chain in The Artisan Communities: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras
Honduras / New York, NY:  Ambos Foundation & RS Furnishings is collaborating on a project to transform the Guaitil pottery community.  The “Hecho a Mano” goodwill project’s mission is to support the local artisanal community’s ability to embrace a sustainable business model. With a focus on design, production methods and channels of distribution we are instituting an income-producing infrastructure for artisans in Guaitil, San Vincente Costa Rica.

Guaitil, Costa Rica  “Chorotega Revival”  
Ceramic Artisans in the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica is an 800 year tradition of the Chorotega community.  Over the past decades there has been what is termed as a “Chorotega Revival,” describing the evolution of this art form combining the past with the present, while preserving the organic and indigenous nature of pottery making.  Individual artisans are integrating traditional styles of their ancestors with their own “modern day” ideas and design influences to make Contemporary Chorotega ceramics.  

 Location: 15 Love in Tamarindo: April 26, 2014 - The exhibition will showcase the new collection of handmade modern pottery that celebrates the rich artisanal history of the Guaitil community; with an eye towards the future while honoring the artistry of the past.  The exhibit will also share insights into the process and the generational legacy of the tradition.  Artisans will be onsite to answer questions and share their creative process along with photographs and videos showing the methods of production. 

“Working with the Guaitil community has been one of the highlights of my career.  This project touches my heart and provided me the rich experience of relating to design in a new and powerful way.  I love Costa Rica and am thrilled about supporting the local artisan community, ensuring that the legacy of their art form continues for generations to come.  “Hecho a Mano” (Made By Hand) - is becoming a novelty. My hope is that this project will inspire others and the community, and shed more light on the importance of supporting local artisans and craft people around the world.”  “Thank you PADF & RCCL for your support” - Courtney Sloane, RS Furnishings

Attending the 15 Love exhibit will be local business owners, restaurateurs, B&B owners, hotel operators, retailers, and interior design professionals near and around the Tamarindo community.  Click here for more details about 15 Love.

PADF (Pan American Development Foundation) and (RCCL) Royal Caribbean Cruises are the project’s civic facilitators to help build a value chain in the Artisan Communities of Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras).  RS Furnishings is providing design and marketing support of the exhibit and is a US import company producing beautifully designed, and superb quality decorative accessories that blend old world craft aesthetics with sophisticated contemporary style.  “We are committed to supporting local craft people of artisanal communities and helping to expand the Guaitil Artisan’s consumer base amongst the Costa Rican/Central American Diaspora and the United States.” – Courtney Sloane

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